Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Poem

I wake up in the morning and open my eyes. First I thank God for my health. I'm so blessed to be alive.
I love seeing you when I rise and look forward to it every day.
I get anxious when I feel you getting closer as I hear your beautiful sound. Finally you embrace me , surround me in your ambience.
You make laugh at my mistakes and get it right the next time.
At the same time I feel pain but it's so good I can't let you down. Many may come around with the same goals in mind but when I'm with you I don't see them I'm later focused.
My aspirations to be better and stronger than the day before
You make it possible- that and a whole lot more
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Mental sharpness , stress relief, you soothe me with your touch. You let me know when to keep pushing or when I've simply had enough
Without you in my life I feel quite inadequate. If I know you've been gone too long, sad I get. 
The things you do for me I dare to say bluntly, are unequivocal.
When I see what you do for me it leaves me wanting more. 
And you do it for others too, my mouth hits the floor. You're amazing.
Forever more I anticipate your proper touch.
I am with you so much, you can say we're having an affair.
It's just my love for better health and the gym that I share. 

"The Affair" by Carlos Morgan

As always, thank you for your time and for putting your health first.