Monday, September 10, 2018

Men! I Challenge You!

Yo bro, I can squat 600 pounds. What up brotein. I killed my pecks today benching 400. Repping it out man. Nice! I'm slaughtering dead lifts today, 800 all day baby! I say to you all.....yeah, yeah, yeah. I challenge you to work out with a woman!
That's right. I said it. You think you can kill the weights and kill the reps. I'd bet if you were to work out with a woman who is not into body building but general fitness, you would absolutely be humbled. That's right. Reason being, us men are so focused on the big three which include bench, squats, and dead lifts that we tend to neglect the smaller muscles that support the big three!
Picture by NASM

For instance, you rarely see men doing abduction and adduction exercises. Not to mention the butt blast machine. God forbid! However, your hip adductors (adduction maxhine), tensor fascia latae (abduction machine), and minimal/maximal glute (butt blast machine) all work together to give you a greater squat. How about that?

Do your chest press on the medicine ball while squeezing your glutes and drawing in your navel sometimes. You'll be amazed at how the stability of your contractions on flat bench press will improve. I'm a NASM certified professional trainer with 15 experience in fitness, but hey, don't take my word for it. Go work out with a woman.

As always, thank you for your time and for putting your health first. 

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