Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Give A Compliment

It is hard enough to know you are going to be in pain, stressed, and tired when sticking to a gym regimen. We look in the mirror and do our best to give positive self-talk but sometimes it's just not enough....
You clicked because you identify in some way to what has been said. Let me ask you this, how long have you been working out? Every time you look in the mirror you may say "I see a little something." Is that enough to keep you going back? That little ego in us needs to be stroked at times. No. You don't have to be some egotistical narcissistic to want your ego to be stroked. It could be healthy. In this case it is. Think about it. You've been killing yourself in the gym day in and day out. All you want to do is get the results you desire.

A complete stranger walks up to you and says, "I have been working out here for a while now and I noticed how you have trimmed up. Looking good!" Will that make you push one more rep? Will that make you finish the week strong? I think so. See! The ego has been stroked in a positive way and you are a bit more motivated.

So next time you are in the gym and you notice that person who has been hitting it hard, don't be afraid to give a complement. It could literally change their motivation and life.

As always, thank you for your time and for putting your health first. 

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